[Cartoon] #RSS: Rashtriya Schutzstaffel

#RSS: Rashtriya #Schutzstaffel Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Hindtva Rightwing group typically functions like Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) #StandwithJnu #Jnu #Hitler (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com / 28 Feb 2016) Advertisements

[Cartoon] #JNU & Media Trial

Media Trial Many mainstream media outlets tried to play the role of court and gave verdicts on the role of students in JNU’s Feb 9 issue. Such trial subverts the due process of law. All these has been done to make the Hindutva fascist bosses happy. #NewsX #TimesNow #ZeeNews #indiaTV #AajTak #StandWithJNU #Jnu (V. Arun…

[Cartoon] Times Bow!

When Times Now news hour debate becomes dog barking. (V. Arun / Rebel Politik)

[Cartoon] Solidarity JNU Students – Honda Workers

When state and capital class unleash brutal crackdown of dissent, labour rights and democracy, students, teachers and workers unite together to protect the democratic values. Brutal crackdown and targeting on Honda Scooters Workers in Harayana/ Rajasthan and, on JNU students. (V. Arun / Rebel Politik)

[Cartoon] The Thinker Sanghi

Sanghis are the right wing Hindutva fascists in India (Adapted from The Thinker of Auguste Rodin) The Thinker Sanghi #StandWithJNU #JNU (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 21 Feb 2016)

[Cartoon] Smash Hindutva Fascism

Smash ‪#‎Hindutva‬ ‪#‎Fascism‬ ‪#‎StandWithJNU‬ ‪#‎JNU‬ (V. Arun/ rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com |18 Feb 2016)

[Cartoon] The Status of Freedom of Speech in India

With the right wing BJP government in power every principle of our constitution is under attac by fascist Hindutva forces. Meanwhile the status of Freedom of Speech in #India is reduced to: Anything against government =Sedition #Sedition #Jnu #JnuCrackdown #StandwithJNU (V. Arun/ rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 15 Feb 2016)

[Cartoon] India: Steering the Ship of State

The ship being steered by the Modi-led  Indian government is not of democracy, but of fascism- Hindutva fascism. And latest in the attack by fascism is on Jawaharlal Nehru University, where the students are facing the police crackdown with the charges of sedition. But, the students and teachers of the university are unitedly resisting the…

[Cartoon] The Great Conspiracy to Suppress the Voice of Democracy #JNU

The Universities in India are under a state of undeclared emergency. Police are deployed inside the campuses and students are being arrested under charges of Sedition (Anti-National activities). These are happening in those universities which the present right wing fascist government in India is feeling threatened. These are the universities which had raised student movements…

[Cartoon] Which Card Next? ABVP & RSS’s new Ploy

The right wing forces in India are hell bent to destroy democratic and dissenting voices across campuses in India. The forces #AVBP and #RSS’s new ploy is to silence protest against them for killing #RohithVemula. The new card they are playing is to #ShutDownJNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University, a prominent university) and term anyone speaking for…