[Cartoon] Delhi Police in Service of RSS

  With numerous student movements against assault on education by Hindu fascist forces and Capitalist Neoliberal forces donning the political landscape of India, the police especially the Delhi Police seems to have taken the side of Hindu fascist forces. In past two months, Delhi Police have brutally assaulted and beaten up the student protesters. Most…

[Cartoon] India: The Patriotic Rape

The ‪#‎Patriotic‬ ‪#‎Rapes‬ ‪#‎Rape‬ as a ‪#‎weapon‬ of ‪#‎war‬ Rapes of women in ‪#‎Kashmir‬, ‪#‎Bastar‬, ‪#‎Manipur‬ etc by ‪#‎Indian‬ Forces with impunity. (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 29 Jan 2916)

[Cartoon] Dalit

  #RohithVemula (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 28 Jan 2016)

[Cartoon] Shuuu.. All is Well in the Republic

  India is going to celebrate its 67th Republic Day with all fanfare and display of military might, but the basic tenants of Indian Republic are under threat from the ruling Hindutva forces under the banner of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Saffronization, Hindutva fascism and silencing dissent are turning up to be realities…

[Cartoon] Dalits in Indian ‘Republic’

The only way for Dalits to break chains of death and humiliation is the annihilation of caste. (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 23 Jan 2016) #RohithVemula #ManualScavenging

[Cartoon] Caste After Death: Rohith Vemula denied Justice

(Illustration : V. Arun / 20 Jan 2016) Joint Action Committee for Social Justice -UoH writes while uploading Rohit Vemula’s Caste certificate “We are putting this with a lot of pain and rage that Rohith comes from a dalit family and because of which he has been a victim of this (BJP) brahmanical administration. Let…

[Cartoon] Story of Eklavya 2.0: A story of Murder

Story of Eklavya 2.0: Dromacharya does it again, this time he asks for Eklavya’s life. This story is not of loyalty, but of cold blooded murder by Brahminical institution. . (V. Arun / rebelpolitikblog.wordpress.com | 18 Jan 2016) #RohitVemula #HyderabadUniversity

[Cartoon] The Pathankot Airbase Attack Puzzle

A strategic airbase in Indian district of Pathankot, bordering Pakistan was attacked by 4 to 5 hostile elements. The perimeter of the base was compromised after, according to reports the attackers hid near the base for almost 20 hours. Also, intelligence reports were received about the attack almost a day before. Seven Indian security personnals…